WASHINGTON—The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Working Group III (WGIII) portion of its Fifth Assessment Report on climate change. The report focuses on actions necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which cause climate change. Representing the most comprehensive assessment of policy-relevant climate research to date, the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report is the product of more than 800 authors from around the world.

Following is a statement from Jennifer Morgan, Climate and Energy Program Director at World Resources Institute and IPCC Review Editor for the WGIII chapter on international cooperation:

“The challenge is great, but we still have time to turn back this global threat. The IPCC offers cost-effective options to change course and avoid locking-in even more dangerous levels of warming.

“The urgency is clear. Global emissions have to peak by the end of this decade. Further delay will not only increase the severity of climate impacts but it will drive up the costs of reducing emissions.

“We have the tools—now we need to use them. The report shows that by phasing out fossil fuels and significantly ramping up investments in renewable energy, we can reduce climate risks. At the same time, these actions would deliver benefits like cleaner air, new jobs, and more reliable domestic energy sources.

“World leaders can take decisive actions, from limiting power plant emissions in the United States to capping coal use in China. In the lead up to the UN climate summit in September, government officials can announce concrete steps to shape a low-carbon future. Governments can deliver strong commitments that will lead to an ambitious, universal climate agreement by 2015.

“The scientists have laid the groundwork. Now we need everyone-- from governments to the private sector-- to get to work to address the climate crisis.”

Photo credit: Photon Energy, Flickr