In order to tackle the threat of climate change, most countries have made high-level political commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and developed countries have pledged financing to help developing countries transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient development. While the relative ambition of these pledges varies widely, their effective implementation could begin to drive policy reforms that would help move countries toward a low-carbon future.

Catalyzed in part by these political commitments, dozens of countries are formulating domestic policies to address climate change, and billions of dollars are being earmarked for developing countries to fund an array of climate actions. Each country, however, operates under a unique set of political, social, economic, and environmental circumstances. Transparent, accessible, and nuanced information on country progress is hard to come by. How can we keep abreast of these developments and understand what they imply for countries’ ability to deliver on and ramp up their commitments? How can one country benefit from another’s experience? How can civil society contribute to the climate policy dialogue in an informed and meaningful way within this dynamic framework?

This is where the Open Climate Network comes in. The Open Climate Network (OCN) brings together independent research institutes and civil society groups from key countries to track and report on their countries’ progress toward addressing climate change. OCN operates with a view toward identifying and removing barriers to effective policy implementation, and we are committed to developing a robust analytical framework that can be applied consistently across countries, while respecting unique national circumstances.

We seek to accelerate the transition to a low-emission, climate-resilient future by providing consistent, credible, and timely information on climate policy implementation and impact that enhances transparency and accountability for policy effectiveness both between and within countries.