Aqueduct User Story: Accenture  

Accenture has used the Aqueduct tool to assess risks related to water scarcity near their operations, both today and projected into the future.

Abbott is committed to maintaining sustainable, efficient and comprehensive water management programs that minimize their water use, safeguard water resources and are respectful of the needs and concerns of the communities where they operate. With manufacturing and research and development (R&D) locations throughout the world, it is critical that Abbott uses a global water tool that allows them to efficiently evaluate water risks down to the basin level to help prioritize actions across their sites. 

Abbott has used the World Resource Institutes (WRI) Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas tool since 2013 to conduct annual water-stress mapping and analysis in support of their water management strategies.  WRI’s commitment to transparency, open data and peer reviewed methodology in the tool is a key reason why Abbott selected the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas for their risk evaluation process.