WRI’s presence in Europe allows the Institute to engage with our important partners, supporters and donors on the continent. With offices in The Hague and in London, WRI works with the European Commission, national governments, companies and civil society organizations to support Europe in its global leadership on climate, development and environment, and to inform the continent’s contribution to the global recovery to COVID-19. Staff are deeply involved in WRI’s programmatic work on core issues such as business, cities, climate, energy, food, forests, water and the ocean.  

WRI Europe’s regional office is in The Hague. There is also a large presence in London. Additional experts and staff based in Germany and Turkey. 

International Offices

  • London-buses-bikelanes

    United Kingdom

    WRI's United Kingdom office is home to the Better Buying Lab, the Coalition on Urban Transitions, the Food and Land Use Coalition, and WRI’s Ocean Program. It also houses WRI professionals working on climate change, food loss and waste, and COP26.

  • valencia-food-market

    WRI Europe

    WRI Europe’s regional office is based in The Hague. 

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