LONDON (February 29, 2024) - The Independent Commission for Aid Impact has published a new assessment of the UK government’s progress towards meeting its signature commitment to spend £11.6 billion GBP on international climate finance by the end of 2026.  

Following is a statement from Edward Davey, Head of World Resources Institute Europe’s UK Office:

"The ICAI report on the UK’s international climate finance is vital reading. It recognizes important and valuable progress being made in a number of areas, against a challenging backdrop. But it also demonstrates that there is now a mountain to climb if the UK is to meet its £11.6 billion international climate finance target in full – with 55% of the commitment still to be spent in the last two years of the pledge.

"For reasons of equity and justice, and in order for the UK to play its full part in supporting nations in their hour of need to withstand and address the climate crisis, the UK can and must uphold its finance commitment in full – and with integrity in what counts. The UK’s track record and expertise in the disbursement of effective international climate finance is significant: it has to deliver.

"The report’s priority recommendation that the UK government should soon set out a clear action plan for the timely delivery of the remaining funds is timely and well-judged. Given the upcoming election, this plan should also enjoy cross-party consensus."