Nearly three decades ago, governments around the world agreed to the United Nations framework to prevent climate change. The adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015 represented a huge step toward that goal, advancing international collaboration to transform the global economy toward a safer, equitable, zero-carbon future.

To address the climate crisis, national governments must come together to strengthen climate action at rates far beyond current commitments. This will require innovative steps that will not only stave off the most dangerous climate impacts, but also bring about huge economic and social benefits for people everywhere.

WRI works to foster international collaboration to drive greater climate ambition. We engage with a diversity of stakeholders across developing and developed countries and all sectors of society to achieve ambitious and just outcomes that promote a prosperous, low-carbon and resilient future for all.

This includes offering analysis and tools to help countries strengthen their national climate plans and adopt net-zero long-term climate strategies under the Paris Agreement. We also provide resources to educate climate negotiators and civil society about the best ways to structure elements of the Paris Rulebook.

WRI also addresses encourages cooperative initiatives between national governments, businesses and cities to advance climate action, encourage multilateral development banks to provide greater finance for climate action in developing countries and facilitate stronger bilateral cooperation on climate change.


Cover Image by: Mat Reding / Unsplash