The world is currently off-track to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C, a threshold that would prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis while boosting jobs and economic opportunities worldwide. This goal can be achieved through aggressive climate action across the public and private sectors. To ensure the world gets on track, we must closely and transparently monitor progress using rigorous and credible methods.  

To meet the Paris Agreement’s goals, the world must reach net-zero emissions by mid-century. To help get there, WRI provides decision-makers with a range of tools and guidelines to track and strengthen their climate actions.  

  • Climate Watch promotes transparency and accountability by providing governments with credible and consistent data on national emissions and future climate commitments, as well as enabling countries to analyze and compare targets to enhance their own efforts to combat climate change. 
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol provides accountability standards, tools, guidance frameworks and online training to help corporations, cities and others measure and reduce emissions.
  • Through partnerships like the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), we integrate guidance, capacity-building and knowledge sharing in tools to help countries assess the impacts of their policies and actions. 
  • The “State of Climate Action” report details the latest research and data to show how much nations must accelerate climate action across sectors to come to grips with the climate crisis. 

Photo credit: Marcin Jozwiak/Unsplash.