Negotiators will meet in Bonn from 30 April to 10 May 2018 to focus on writing the implementation guidelines of the Paris Agreement, as well as to participate in the Talanoa Dialogue to take stock of collective efforts to address global warming. WRI experts will participate in the Talanoa Dialogue and other official side events.

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Highlights of WRI’s participation at the 2018 Bonn Climate Conference include:

Enhancing Trust, Accountability and Ambition: Options for Designing Effective Review Mechanisms

Date: May 2, 16:45 - 18:15 CEST

Location: Bonn 181 Room
Rhine Level in WCCB 2, Plenary Building

The Project for Advancing Climate Transparency, WRI and the Council on Energy, Environment and Water are hosting this official side event during the SB48 climate talks to discuss how the Paris Agreement’s transparency framework, global stocktake, and the mechanism to facilitate implementation and promote compliance can help build trust, hold Parties accountable, and support enhanced ambition.


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Blog:  How Countries Can Still Shape the Vision and Ambition of the Paris Agreement

Working paper on global stock take:

Launch of Long-term Strategies Initiative

Date: May 3, 13:15 – 14:45 CEST

WRI and UNDP, working closely with the UNFCCC, have launched a project that provides resources that all countries can use to create mid-century, long-term low-GHG emission development strategies (“long-term strategies”) which underpin the transformative potential of the Paris Agreement. By catalyzing a process by which decision-makers across key sectors of the economy re-think policy, development, and technology pathways, long-term strategies offer the opportunity to facilitate the alignment of national action with the Paris goals.


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We Are Stepping Up

Date: May 8, 16:45—18:15 CEST

Organized by Climate Action International and WRI to showcase the importance of strengthening national climate plans and targets (NDCs) by 2020



Paula Caballero, Global director, Climate, World Resources Institute and government representatives from Philippines, Marshall Islands, New Zealand as well as business and civil society