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sustainable development goals

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals set targets that can only be described as lofty — ending poverty and hunger, achieving gender equality, providing clean and affordable energy for all. The question of how to achieve these ambitions has yet to be fully answered, but partnerships will be key.


Drawing on experience in 11 countries and the European Union, this paper provides core elements and concrete examples for jointly advancing the Sustainable Development Goals and climate actions under the Paris Agreement. Five key challenges are explored: coordinating institutions, aligning national climate and SDG-relevant targets, mainstreaming both set of goals into policy planning, optimizing financial resources, and building mutually reinforcing monitoring and reporting frameworks.

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The decisions each country, business and investor makes today will directly impact global climate and development goals. Do it right and we can feed 9 billion people, provide clean electricity for all and grow the economy while protecting the environment.

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A new report, Accelerating Mini-grid Deployment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from Tanzania, was released at a daylong event in Dar es Salaam featuring remarks from Edward L. Ishengoma, Assistant Commissioner for Renewable Energy for the Government of Tanzania. The report finds that Tanzania now has 109 mini-grids, serving over 180,000 people.

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To achieve radical reductions in food loss and waste, governments and businesses need to act now. A new report from the Champions 12.3 coalition reviews progress to date on meeting Target 12.3 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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Forests contribute to a broad range of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and deforestation can undermine their achievement. With development strategies on the agenda at this week's UN General Assembly, the authors of Why Forests? Why Now? offer points to ponder.


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