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The Business Roundtable (BRT), an association of chief executive officers from more than 200 leading companies - representing every sector of the economy - issued a call for ambitious action on climate change. In “Addressing Climate Change: Principles and Policies,” BRT calls on the federal government, including Congress, to enact climate policies in line with the US commitment to the Paris Agreement. Following is a statement from Dr. Andrew Steer, President & CEO, World Resources Institute:

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In this critical year for climate action, more than 800 companies have committed to set science-based targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. This is a hopeful sign, but not enough. Financial institutions are the vital link to enable the system-wide change we need.


The Sustainability Index for Landscape Restoration introduced in this report is a field-tested tool for measuring the impact of restoration efforts. It offers easy-to-use visual metrics to display biophysical and socioeconomic indicators that measure the health of a landscape. It also describes how these metrics have been used to convene dialogues among diverse stakeholders who must actively collaborate to restore the land.


On January 15, WRI Senior Fellow Taryn Fransen testified in a hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, & Technology. The hearing, titled “An Update on the Climate Crisis: From Science to Solutions,” examined the current state of climate science and solutions to the climate challenge. Taryn’s testimony focused on the United Nations Emissions Gap Report and the role the United States could play in closing the emissions gap.


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