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The Project for Advancing Climate Transparency (PACT) consortium works to support the design and development of robust and effective transparency and accountability rules and processes for the Paris Agreement on climate change. This working paper examines the five streams of information to be reported under the Paris Agreement. In particular, this working paper considers what information should be reported, how it should be reported, and when it should be reported.


The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will hold its 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP 23) from November 6-17 in Bonn, Germany. Led by this year’s Presidency of Fiji, negotiators from nearly 200 countries will convene to advance implementation of the Paris Agreement. WRI’s experts will host or participate in the following events.


WRI activities at UN climate talks Nov 2017

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Today the United States is expected to submit a letter to the UNFCCC restating its intent to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change. This letter has no formal legal function. Per the terms of the Paris Agreement, no Party can officially announce an intention to withdraw until November 4, 2019, and then can't leave the Agreement for another year afterwards.


Supporting national governments with tools and resources to track progress toward meeting their national climate commitments and to strengthen climate action.

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California Gov. Jerry Brown and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg team up on America's Pledge, a new effort that will compile and quantify climate action by U.S. states, cities and businesses to cut emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.


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