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Negotiators will meet in Bonn from 30 April to 10 May 2018 to focus on writing the implementation guidelines of the Paris Agreement, as well as to participate in the Talanoa Dialogue to take stock of collective efforts to address global warming. WRI experts will participate in the Talanoa Dialogue and other official side events.

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Cinderella’s job in the household included cleaning the ashes from the fireplace – exactly the role forests play for Earth by absorbing fossil fuels' carbon emissions. Yet much like Cinderella, forests remain underappreciated.

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Most climate change solutions focus on mitigation—ways to slash emissions as quickly as possible, such as by adopting renewable energy. But research shows these aren't enough. To prevent the worst impacts of climate change, the world will need to reach net-negative emissions, a point at which we're actually removing more carbon from the air than we're putting in.

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With the launch of the 2018 Talanoa Dialogue in January, countries are now embarking on the first global assessment of efforts to achieve the Paris Agreement on climate change. These "global stocktakes" are a core part of the Agreement's five-year cycles to ramp up ambition and action.

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The UN climate negotiations (COP23) presided over by a Fiji Presidency concluded in the early hours today in Bonn, Germany with countries making progress on the rules for the Paris Agreement and putting in place a process to assess progress on climate action that should set the stage for countries to commit to enhancing their climate commitments by 2020. Following is a statement from Paula Caballero, Global Director, Climate Program, World Resources Institute:

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The decisions each country, business and investor makes today will directly impact global climate and development goals. Do it right and we can feed 9 billion people, provide clean electricity for all and grow the economy while protecting the environment.


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