This WRI/WBCSD report explains how to quantify reductions in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from projects that either generate or reduce the consumption of electricity transmitted over power grids. It is a supplement to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Project Accounting.

Executive Summary

These guidelines supplement the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Project Accounting, published in December 2005 by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. These guidelines are particularly useful to:

  • Project developers that want to quantify GHG reductions that do not fall within a particular GHG offset program or regulatory system. The guidelines provide procedures to account for GHG reductions resulting from individual project activities.
  • Designers of initiatives, systems, and programs that include grid-connected GHG projects. These users will find guidance for deriving marginal grid emission factors for determining the GHG emissions displaced or avoided by different types of project activities.

The guidelines are program- and policy-neutral, and are flexible in the choice of procedures and calculation methods. At the same time, they provide rigorous, comprehensive, transparent, and credible accounting of GHG reductions.