"Energy and GHG reporting scheme for enterprises" refers to a series of policies, regulations, and measures of data collection and calculation related to energy consumption and GHG emissions that aim to support government decision-making on energy management and low-carbon development. After examining both domestic and international policies and practices, this working paper recommends a three-step policy roadmap to develop an enterprise Energy and GHG reporting scheme in China’s Guangdong Province.

Executive Summary

Technical solutions for the reporting scheme are outside the scope of this paper. However, the GHG Protocol Tool for Energy Consumption, developed by the World Resources Institute, and the Guangdong GHG Information Management Platform, established by Guangdong Energy Conservation Center, provide technical means to realize the first step in the proposed three-step policy roadmap. This paper also puts forward some preliminary technical recommendations, which can assist the development of final technical solutions.

While this paper is developed specifically for China's Guangdong Province, much of the policy framework, action steps, and technical advice could be applicable to other provinces and cities in China.