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  • The Agreement for Climate Transformation (ACT 2015) was a WRI-led consortium that developed a proposal for the design of an international climate agreement to catalyze climate action and move the world onto a low-carbon and climate resilient pathway.

  • Measuring, mapping and understanding water risks around the globe.

  • WRI China is supporting Beijing in the city’s implementation of an innovative low-emission zone to reduce air pollution and associated public health costs, among other effects.

  • A new initiative to research and scale cutting-edge strategies that enable consumers to choose more sustainable foods

  • Innovative public-private collaboration speeds the development and implementation of building efficiency policies and practices.

  • CAIT provides free access to comparable greenhouse gas emissions data sets, as well as other climate-relevant indicators, to enable analysis on a wide range of climate-related data questions.

  • WRI provides strategic advice on the development of best practices, regulations, and standards for CCS and participates in the development of national and international strategies for CCS deployment, consistent with environmental and social integrity.

  • Exploring challenges and opportunities to leveraging carbon removal strategies to help tackle climate change

  • A coalition of executives dedicated to inspiring ambition, mobilizing action, and accelerating progress toward achieving SDG Target 12.3 by 2030

  • The Network for China's Climate and Energy Information

  • Leading cities partnering with forests to combat climate change, protect watersheds and biodiversity, and improve human well-being


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