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With immense biodiversity, a wealth of natural resources and a diverse and robust economy, Brazil is emerging as a global market.

Yet the country—world’s ninth-largest economy—also faces environmental and social pressures that could exacerbate with continued economic development. A growing middle class increased Brazil’s energy-related emissions by more than 21 percent from 2005-2010. Already, 85 percent of the country’s citizens reside in cities, with all net population growth expected to occur in cities over the next 30 years.

Brazilian leaders in government, the private sector, academia and civil society are seeking ways to overcome the country’s development challenges. WRI Brasil was created to help the country’s decision-makers build a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Working in partnership with stakeholders on the ground, WRI Brasil will research, analyze, and design solutions across three key areas: cities, climate and forests. We are now developing a country strategy for WRI Brasil, which will detail our plans, goals and programs across each of these critical issues.

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