As nations prepare to unveil ambitious new NDCs in 2025, the following resources provide guidance for countries informed by the current climate science, the outcomes of the first-ever Global Stocktake and the latest in systems trends. You can also read WRI’s five-point plan for the next generation of NDCs to meet the current moment and delve into a collection of papers focused on sectoral opportunities to enhance targets and policies, published for the previous round of NDCs.


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The State of Nationally Determined Contributions: 2022

This report takes stock of countries’ NDCs and examines how these commitments have evolved since the Paris Agreement entered into force, identifying overall trends and pinpointing the elements where further action is needed. It finds that countries are making incremental progress on strengthening their NDCs, but what we really need to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement is urgent transformational change.

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Systems Change Lab

Systems Change Lab monitors, learns from and mobilizes action toward the transformational shifts needed to protect both people and the planet. The team identified over 70 shifts needed to make progress towards 2030 and 2050 science-based targets that countries can use to inform their NDCs.

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State of Climate Action 2023

Published under System Change Lab, the State of Climate Action 2023 offers a roadmap that countries can follow to inform their NDCs. It translates the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C temperature limit into 2030 and 2050 targets across sectors that account for roughly 85% of global GHG emissions — power, buildings, industry, transport, forests and land, food and agriculture — as well as those focused on the scale-up of technological carbon removal and climate finance. 

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Enhancing NDCs: A Guide to Strengthening National Climate Plans by 2020

WRI and UNDP have published a comprehensive overview of NDC enhancement to help practitioners think through updates to their country’s NDC. The step-by-step process covers actions to strengthen greenhouse gas mitigation, climate resilience and adaptation, and communication and transparency.

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A Brief Guide for Reviewing Countries’ New and Updated NDCs

As countries design enhanced NDCs and recovery packages, it will be crucial to put people first when defining priorities for action. This publication provides a roadmap for how non-governmental organizations, citizens’ groups and local communities can engage in the process of designing and national climate plans.

Sectoral Opportunities to Strengthen NDCs

For the previous round of NDCs due in 2020-2021, WRI and UNDP published a series of papers on how countries could incorporate or strengthen targets and policies in their NDCs across a wide range of sectors which you can explore below. To stay updated on upcoming resources for sectors crucial to the 2025 moment, please subscribe here.