To evaluate the environmental impacts of shared micromobility and understand how shared modes like bikes and electric scooters can help contribute to sustainability goals, cities need actionable, comparable data from micromobility operators.

This Guidebook is a comprehensive guide to support cities in navigating the process of understanding emissions from shared micromobility.

Focusing on life cycle emissions assessments (LCA), the guide builds on existing LCA standards and presents micromobility-specific guidance to help cities clarify their use cases for environmental impact data, request the right data and use insights to inform policy and program design.

The guide was developed by the New Urban Mobility alliance (NUMO) with input from a working group of representatives from city governments, micromobility operators and subject matter experts from the United States and Europe.

Learn more about the development of the guide here.

The guide offers two options for comparing micromobility operators: an LCA and an activities-based emissions assessment. The Template Scorecard for Activity-Based Emissions Comparison Assessment is included as Table 4 in the guide and here as an editable spreadsheet and can be downloaded here.


Thumbnail image by JavyGo/Unsplash