Join Us on October 17 for a webinar on climate risk data tools from World Resources Institute!

Are you looking for tools to understand climate risk and take climate action to the next level? Dive into the cutting-edge world of climate risk data tools with World Resources Institute (WRI). Our upcoming webinar brings together WRI experts to explore four key tools:

  1. Climate Watch: Uncover the latest climate data, insights, and visualizations. Learn how to leverage this dynamic platform to make informed decisions and drive climate solutions. 
  2. Aqueduct: Delve into water risk assessment like never before. Discover how Aqueduct equips you with invaluable water-related information, enabling sustainable water management in an increasingly water-stressed world. 
  3. AgriAdapt: Agriculture and climate resilience go hand in hand. Explore AgriAdapt's capabilities for adapting agriculture to climate change, ensuring food security, and promoting sustainable farming practices.
  4. Systems Change Lab: Gain insights into systemic transformations and learn about the platform’s innovative approach to fostering climate resilience, addressing social inequities, and driving positive change. 

Join us for this insightful webinar and equip yourself with the tools needed to combat climate change effectively.  


  • Leandro Vigna, Outreach & Data Partnership Manager, Climate Watch, WRI
  • Rebecca Carter, Adaptation Lead, Climate Resilience Practice, WRI
  • Shivani Lakshman, Research Analyst, Corporate Water Stewardship, WRI
  • Tappan Parker, Outreach and Engagement Manager, Systems Change Lab, WRI


Cover image by Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash