Commonly accepted standards for tracking and trading time-based clean energy attributes can help make 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) attainable for energy buyers. The standards and platforms associated with hourly energy attribution certificates, often referred to as Time-based Energy Attribute Certificates (T-EACs) or Granular Certificates (GCs), are a relatively new concept and currently in development. But how do these certificates differ from traditional Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)? How do they work? And how much demand is there for them?

Experts will tackle these questions and more during this webinar, the third in a series of WRI-hosted webinars on 24/7 CFE. This webinar will feature presentations from representatives of EnergyTag and Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS), two organizations leading in the development of standards and tracking protocols for hourly certificates. It will also highlight findings from Powerledger, a software company building solutions for the tracking and trading of renewable energy. Presentations from the speakers will be followed by a Q&A session with audience participation.

For more information and to view recordings of WRI’s first two webinars in this series, click here.



  • Ben Gerber – President & Chief Executive Officer, M-RETS 
  • Killian Daly – General Manager, EnergyTag 
  • John Hansen – Business Development Executive, Power Ledger
  • Nate Hausman Manager, Clean Energy Markets, World Resources Institute (moderator)

Cover image by Appolinary Kalashnikova/Unsplash