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This note promotes the links between SLCP mitigation and the economic recovery. It highlights examples of how countries are addressing SLCPs in their recovery plans and provides options for resourcing the recovery. The note is aimed at public policymakers and their advisers. It deals with both the immediate stimulus that many governments injected into their economies and also the longer-term transformational policies and actions that will drive and sustain the recovery.


This paper outlines the best ways countries can use ocean-based action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and better adapt to the impacts of climate change. The paper focuses on four ocean-based subsectors that have the greatest potential to curb emissions and deliver significant other benefits: marine conservation (coastal and marine ecosystem restoration and protection), oceanic and coastal fisheries, marine transport, and ocean-based renewable energy.


This paper examines how the United States, South Korea, China, and the European Union used green investments after the global financial crisis to help their economies recover, create jobs, and build up new industries. The lessons from 2008–2009 can help inform today’s policymakers designing economic stimulus packages in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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