This Guidebook supports FBOs to identify, measure, monitor, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their operations including energy consumption, mobility, heating, and cooling. It explains how to identify relevant physical assets (i.e., buildings, vehicles), compile a greenhouse gas inventory, set a science-based target, share the inventory and target with the SBTF project using the survey tool, track and communicate progress on emissions reductions, and strive for net zero emissions by 2050. Driven by values-based principles, FBOs are uniquely positioned to advance climate mitigation efforts and inspire action by local communities around the world.

Executive Summary:

The production and consumption of energy is the largest contributor to climate change. Energy consumption alone accounts for up to 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) worldwide, over half of which is from energy use in buildings (17.5 percent) and transportation (16.0 percent).

FBOs operate a significant number of physical assets around the world including places of worship, healthcare facilities, and schools, and can therefore play a major role in climate mitigation by operating in a climate-responsible manner. Measuring, monitoring, and reducing operational emissions through the Science-Based Targets framework is a proven approach for organizations to manage environmental risk and drive the global transition to net zero.

This document presents the Science-Based Targets for Faith (SBTF) step-by-step guidance for FBOs to compile an emissions inventory, set a science-based emissions reduction target, and track and communicate progress. It also provides a detailed survey designed to collect FBO emissions data and build a global profile of FBO operational performance and reduction targets.

Through the proactive demonstration of environmental responsibility, SBTF aims to build the capacity of FBOs to manage and monitor emissions, inspire FBO membership and stakeholders, and differentiate FBOs in an age of increasing environmental consciousness.