This guidebook is a knowledge product from the Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA), an innovative public-private partnership initiative that addresses barriers to scaling the deployment of clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial consumers in emerging markets. CEIA explores solutions for procuring renewable energy by helping purchasers overcome clean energy barriers, strengthening the local policy enabling environment, and unlocking a pipeline of private sector clean energy projects.

This guidebook provides an overview of the renewable energy procurement options available to commercial and industrial buyers in Colombia, underlying policies and regulations, key considerations related to each option, and steps needed to move forward with each option.

Key Findings

  • Over the past decade, Colombia‚Äôs national government has introduced policies to encourage renewable energy deployment and investment throughout the country.
  • National policies, along with the declining cost of renewable energy technologies, have opened significant opportunities for commercial and industrial customers in the country to procure renewable energy and save money on electricity expenses.
  • Across the country, leading corporations have started investing in cost-saving renewable energy procurement solutions.
  • This guidebook outlines three primary procurement options currently available in Colombia for commercial and industrial customers interested in renewable energy: on-site turnkey purchases; on-site third-party power purchase agreements or leases; and off-site third-party power purchase agreements.
  • Each of these three options has unique features and relevance to different types of customers. This guidebook provides additional context and details to help prospective renewable energy consumers assess which model best fits their needs and gain a better understanding of how to move forward with renewable energy procurement for their facilities in Colombia.

Executive Summary

Full executive summary available in the paper.