This research builds off WRI’s first guide for food service released in 2020. It’s now informed by nearly 350 academic trials and a close collaboration with a range of food businesses through Coolfood, WRI’s initiative to curb diet-related emissions by 25% by 2030.

The Playbook presents a synthesized list of 90 techniques that WRI’s behavioral scientists have identified as able to boost demand for plant-rich dishes. Of these 90 techniques, we’ve designated 18 as “no regret” strategies supported both by research and industry experience.

Effective strategies fall into six categories. These are:

  • Price: techniques that involve modifying how much plant-rich dishes cost
  • Placement: techniques involving food displays and the physical food service environment
  • Promotion: techniques that include communication, marketing, advertising and campaign approaches
  • Presentation: techniques that involve modifying the language, imagery and layout of menus, signs and labels
  • Product: techniques that involve modifying the food being served
  • People: techniques that targeted food service employees

Coolfood is WRI's initiative that helps food service operators turn research, like this Playbook, into action — and many are already seeing reduced emissions and positive consumer feedback, showing this approach can work in all kinds of food outlets.

We work with all types of food service operators, from large, global contract catering companies to grade-school cafeterias. Trusted by over 80 global institutions, organizations and businesses, Coolfood helps make 8 billion meals sustainable every year.

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