Owens Corning, a multinational building materials manufacturer, conducted a global geographic water risk assessment using WRI’s Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas. This assessment aims to identify which of Owens Corning’s manufacturing plants are located in areas facing water supply-related risks. Companies and investors can use this paper to deepen their understanding of external water supply-related threats and learn how to use the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas to inform their corporate water strategies.

Executive Summary

The World Resources Institute (WRI) Markets and Enterprise Program conducted a global water stress assessment with Owens Corning, a leading producer of glass-fiber reinforcements and residential and commercial building materials. This working paper aims to help Owens Corning and other companies deepen their understanding of external water supply-related threats and inform on how to shape improvements to their corporate water strategy. WRI plotted Owens Corning facilities worldwide on global maps of current and projected water stress using the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas. WRI concluded that Owens Corning facilities are evenly distributed across areas of high, medium and low stress. The Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas provided new metrics and an improved methodology for Owens Corning to determine water supply-driven risks to its operations. The results also allowed Owens Corning to rank its facilities worldwide based on their exposure to current and projected stress, prioritize areas for additional internal and external investment, and enhance the company’s overall corporate water strategy.