Karolina Silva de Jesus is an Active Mobility Intern at WRI Brasil, assisting in technical, drawings, data and management projects related to road safety and sustainable mobility.

Before joining WRI, Karolina was an intern at the Sustainable Mobility Coordination of the Public Transport and Circulation Company (EPTC) in Porto Alegre, working on the development of projects for the city cycle network, in technical road safety interventions, complete streets and prioritizing public transportation.

She also worked with the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB / RS) in the field of Participatory Urban Planning in the formulation of Popular Action Plans for the Planning Regions of the Urban and Environmental Development Plan of Porto Alegre and was a scholar at EMAV - Practices Popular Participatives, the Model Architecture Office of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where she is currently studying Architecture and Urbanism.

She is an avid explorer of the city and passionate about events in public and open spaces.