With WRI Türkiye since 2013, Tolga İmamoğlu is responsible for the management of transport and road safety related projects, inspection and audit of bike lanes and BRT corridors, technical advisory for BRT and bike lane project implementations, integration and accessibility studies for transport modes, black spot analysis, capacity development activities via workshops, and promotion of sustainable transport in different geographies.

Tolga is a member of TRB Commission, IRF and Side Road Commission, and he is a head trainer in UITP. He was the coordinator and rapporteur of the Traffic Safety Commission affiliated with the Ministry of Development (currently known as Presidency of Strategy and Budget) aiming to develop Turkey’s road safety strategy in Turkey’s 11th Development Plan in 2018.

He has more than 10 years of experience in sustainable urban mobility and he has taken different roles such as project manager, head trainer, technical advisor and researcher on behalf of the EU Commission, World Bank, IFC, AFD, IRF, UITP, ITDP in Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar and the United Arap Emirates.

Since 2015, he has provided training in more than 50 capacity development training in 18 countries. Furthermore, he has trained approximately 500 people in Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Kenya in the urban mobility field.

With a civil engineering license, Tolga is Transport Engineer, MSC. He received his civil engineering license degree from Istanbul Yildiz Technical University and his transport master's degree from Istanbul Technical University.

Graduated from Galatasaray High School, Tolga knows French and English.