Woman and tents
Hadhawe village, Somali regional state, Ethiopia. Agan Kadiye, 57, walks to her home at a settlement that has been particularly hard hit by a drought. Photo by UNICEF Ethiopia/2016/Mulugeta Ayene

Which parts of the world are most at risk of conflict? Four times a year the Water, Peace and Security (WPS) Partnership publishes its assessment, based on the WPS Artificial Intelligence early warning tool. We will be publishing short podcasts analyzing the situation in one of the regions featured in each Quarterly Update.

In this first WPS Quarterly Update podcast, Nicholas Walton interviews Charles Iceland about the worsening drought in Somalia, Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Charles is the World Resources Institute’s lead for the WPS partnership.


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Charles Iceland, WRI Global Director, Water Program

"The current situation is the worst we've seen since the early 1980s, the worst situation in nearly 40 years. At the same time there are political problems in Ethiopia, and in Somalia. The political class there is distracted and losing their ability to respond to these types of drought threats. It's just a recipe for a really bad humanitarian situation.”

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