LONDON (November 22, 2023) — On Monday 20th November, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak launched a new White Paper on ‘International development in a contested world: ending extreme poverty and tackling climate change,’ at a Global Food Security Summit convened by the UK government at Lancaster House. 

Following is a statement by Edward Davey, Head, UK Office, World Resources Institute Europe:

"There is a lot to celebrate in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s new White Paper. The strong focus on the triple challenge of driving impact in the world that is positive for people, climate, and nature alike is a major step forward. 

"The commitment to reforming multilateral financial institutions and the international system is also well-made, as is the focus on mobilising more, better targeted, easier-to-access climate and nature finance to enable just, sustainable and clean transitions. The paper’s emphasis on the need to give greater voice and rights to poorer countries, as well as on building reciprocal and equal partnerships with others, is very welcome. We also valued the focus on locally-led development, including in the field of adaptation. 

"The litmus test will of course lie in its implementation: meeting all of the goals set out in the White Paper will stretch the finance available, while implementing all the commitments therein will be crucial to restoring international trust in the UK’s global role, particularly in nations in the global south. The White Paper’s success therefore rests on how the ideas are carried forward consistently over the years to come. 

"Finally, and no less importantly, the credibility of these commitments will also rely on how the UK honours its domestic promises on net zero and climate action, at a time when they have been severely called into question."