Bonn, Germany (June 15, 2023) – The UN climate negotiations in Bonn concluded today with limited progress on key issues for the COP28 climate summit later this year, including the Global Stocktake and Global Goal on Adaptation.  

The pressure is now on for leaders to make more decisive progress at diplomatic gatherings and elsewhere leading up to the COP28 Summit in Dubai.

Following is a statement from David Waskow, Director International Climate Action, World Resources Institute:

“Trust is what greases the wheels of effective negotiations, and unfortunately in Bonn that was severely lacking. Progress was underwhelming on nearly every front, with one main culprit: money. Developing countries are increasingly frustrated that funds promised to implement their climate plans is not materializing. Despite finance not being on the official agenda, it clearly cast a shadow over the negotiations.

“Discussions on the first-ever Global Stocktake became gridlocked over how to incorporate finance and support. This adds another obstacle to leveraging the Global Stocktake to mobilize transformational actions out of COP28 to curb emissions, boost resilience and deliver more finance.  

“With the Global Stocktake now formally shifting from the technical to political phase, the UAE COP Presidency must play a central role in building trust, bridging differences, and spurring ambition so that COP28 delivers what is needed – a rapid response plan to tackle the climate crisis. This opportunity at Dubai cannot be squandered.

“Countries also failed to make much progress on the Global Goal on Adaptation, leaving much to deliberate at workshops ahead of COP28. It is critical that countries agree on an ambitious set of targets for adaptation action, and finance must be made much more accessible so that the root causes of climate vulnerability can be tackled head on.  

“While the talks in Bonn were tough, there are ample opportunities in the months ahead to build momentum in the lead up to COP28. The Summit on a New Global Financial Pact next week is a chance to surface new ideas for how to overcome thorny finance challenges that developing countries are facing. The International Maritime Organization has an opportunity to adopt carbon levies that can go toward climate finance. The UN Secretary General’s Climate Ambition summit in September will be a key opportunity for countries, business and financial institutions to table commitments that support the objectives of the Global Stocktake. And negotiators will have a number of workshops to make quiet but crucial headway ahead of the COP28 Summit in Dubai.

“The latest IPCC report tells us there is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to avert the worst impacts of climate change. At COP28 in Dubai, it is vital that countries overcome their differences and correct course to secure a safer and more just future for all.”