WASHINGTON (April 14, 2021) — World Resources Institute (WRI) is pleased to welcome two new Global Board Directors: Mari Elka Pangestu, Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships at the World Bank, and Jesper Brodin, President and CEO of Ingka Group, which operates IKEA Retail and other businesses. These two leaders bring global perspectives, as well as expertise in sustainability, innovation and development to WRI’s Board.

“I am thrilled that Mari has joined our Board with her vast experience ranging from the Minister of Trade of Indonesia to her current role at the World Bank, as well as leadership positions on some of WRI’s most high-impact initiatives,” said Andrew Steer, President & CEO, WRI. “As one of the world’s foremost experts in development and trade economics, Mari will offer WRI excellent advice and help ensure that we are looking at issues from a multi-dimensional lens. Mari brings a valuable perspective that will help sharpen WRI’s strategy around equity, human development and sustainability.”

Pangestu has worked with WRI as a co-chair of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy Expert Group, and she also served on the Board of WRI Indonesia. In addition, she has recently agreed to serve as a Co-Chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, which conducts economic analysis around the benefits of climate action.

“The world faces multiple complex challenges which require interconnected solutions. Organizations like WRI bring analytical skills, broad expertise and convening capacity that can be used to promote partnership around development issues,” said Pangestu. “I am very pleased to be joining WRI’s Board to exchange ideas for the organization to help develop urgent and bold solutions that will benefit people, the planet and the economy.”

Pangestu has had a distinguished career in government, academia and multilateral institutions. In her current role at the World Bank, she manages the research and data group, external relations and partnerships, and the Bank’s Global Practice Groups and other functions. She was Indonesia’s Minister of Trade from 2004 to 2011 and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy from 2011 to 2014. In 2013, she was awarded Bintang Mahaputra, Indonesia’s highest public service award.

Brodin has been within IKEA for over 20 years and is now the CEO of Ingka Group, which owns and operates IKEA Retail in more than 30 countries and other businesses such as shopping centers. He has put sustainability at the forefront of one of the world’s largest retailers, with a focus on circular economy, renewable energy and climate action.

“I am very pleased that Jesper has joined WRI’s Board, bringing real-world, practical business experience to the organization,” said Steer. “The private sector is absolutely critical to move the world in a more sustainable direction, and Jesper’s perspective is at the core of this shift. We will benefit greatly from the savvy and insights he will bring to WRI.”

In addition to his role at the Ingka Group, Brodin is the co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, a global network of chief executive officers who are advancing the business case for action on the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy.

“In my line of work, the business case for climate action is absolutely clear. We need to continue to push for more companies and consumers to embrace sustainable business models,” said Brodin. “I really value WRI’s science-based and analytical approach, and I am excited to join the Board and work together in efforts to mobilize change, as we scale impact, especially in these urgent times.”

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