Ramona Liberoff

The Hague, Netherlands, [September 21, 2022] – World Resources Institute is delighted to announce that Ramona Liberoff is  joining as Executive Director for the Platform to Accelerate the Circular Economy (PACE). In her new role, Liberoff will further catalyze action towards PACE’s goal of doubling global circularity and help raise circular ambition and action worldwide. 

“In a time of great need, PACE will build an even stronger coalition to double global circularity by 2032,” said Liberoff. “Drawing on my experiences with multiple stakeholders, I look forward to working with leaders around the world to deliver global impact and accelerate a circular economy.”

"Under the new strategy, PACE focusses on translating commitments into action” said Stientje van Veldhoven, Vice President & Regional Director of WRI Europe. “Ramona’s wealth of expertise and leadership experience will be a great asset to PACE, driving results and growing the partnership’s impact. More than ever, we recognize both the challenges with our current consumption of resources and the opportunities for reform to stay within environmental limits.” 

Prior to WRI, Liberoff held leadership roles working with (or as a partner to) multinationals such as Unilever, Vodafone, HSBC and PepsiCo, working on global corporate strategy and innovation. In 2010, she shifted into the international development sphere and focused more on impact finance and innovation. Since then, she led the SPRING Accelerator, supporting 80 businesses in innovating commercially viable products and services for adolescent girls in nine East African and South Asian countries. She also served as COO of Innogy's global energy futures investment fund and worked for Roots of Impact, an impact finance pioneer. An avid innovator herself, Liberoff has invested in more than 25 impact tech businesses and mentored on more than twelve innovation and venture programmes, including a formal role for two years as a venture partner at Antler in Berlin.   

“Ramona brings a wealth of global experience to PACE,” said Frans van Houten, Co-Chair of PACE’s Board and CEO of Royal Phillips. “Her understanding of social, operational and policy issues will be invaluable to accelerate the much-needed adoption of the circular economy in society.”

With this, David B. McGinty transitions into a new role at WRI as a Senior Fellow working across WRI’s programs to enable the speed and scale of large public private partnerships. As he departs, he remarks “I am enormously proud of the action-oriented partnership that PACE has become over the past four years, including adopting the first global goal for the circular economy, establishing the first global coalition on circular metrics; and launching the first global Action Agenda across 5 key focal areas with over 200 aligned actions undertaken. I know we have even greater impacts ahead and I look forward to continuing to drive action through WRI.”

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