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WASHINGTON (May 10, 2022) — New data from the American Cities Climate Challenge Renewables Accelerator’s Local Government Renewables Action Tracker — a tool that catalogues renewable energy transactions completed by U.S. cities and counties since 2015 — shows that in 2021, local governments across the United States continued their annual trend of breaking year-over-year records on their transitions to renewable energy. Collectively, 155 cities purchased over 4,300 megawatts of clean energy in 290 deals, while many cities also took additional action by engaging with their utilities, regulators and legislators to advocate for more renewable energy to power their communities. 

On Tuesday, May 17 at 11am ET / 9am MT, journalists are invited to join the experts behind the tracker for an embargoed press call going over the top findings, the most noteworthy city renewables deals and trends from 2021, and big questions, predictions and goals for city renewables moving forward. Speakers will also touch on how this all plays into broader climate and energy stories, and there will be time for Q&A.  

The latest IPCC report placed great emphasis on the critical importance of city actions over the next decade to help mitigate the climate crisis. It also outlined the huge opportunities for cities to ramp up their leadership in this global fight by continuing to increase and accelerate their climate actions. While there is still much to do, in many cities this work is already underway, as this new data demonstrates — and there are numerous opportunities for cities to lead the way in accelerating and expanding this momentum.   

The contents of this call are embargoed and will be released on Wednesday, May 18 at 5am ET / 3am MT. Advance access to the data, analysis and graphics can be made available upon request.  

The Local Government Renewable Actions Tracker is a resource developed by the American Cities Climate Challenge Renewables Accelerator, a partnership between WRI and RMI to help local governments procure renewable electricity.  


Press call outlining new 2021 data and trends from the annual update of the Local Government Renewables Action Tracker.


Tuesday, May 17 at 11am ET / 9am MT 


  • Yuning Liu, Senior Associate, Urban Transformation, RMI  

  • Tatsatom Gonçalves, Research Analyst, Energy Program, WRI  

  • Heather House, Manager, Urban Transformation, RMI  

  • Moderator: Mansie Hough, Communications Manager, US Energy, WRI 


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