WASHINGTON (March 16, 2023)On Monday, March 20, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release the capstone of an eight-year long series of climate science papers, collectively known as the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). The synthesis report will combine findings from the IPCC’s three working groups to offer the world’s best understanding of the physical science of climate change, its impacts and how to adapt, and measures to curb reduce greenhouse gas emissions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The report will serve as a backbone for the first Global Stocktake (GST) at COP28 this fall. Held every five years, the GST is meant to both assess recent progress to address the climate crisis and accelerate action by countries, businesses and others at the speed and scale necessary to avert catastrophe.  

On March 16 at 11:00am EDT / 16:00 CET, join World Resources Institute for a press briefing featuring IPCC scientists to help journalists prepare for the report’s release next week. Register here.  

During the briefing, IPCC scientists will surface key findings from previous IPCC analysis that will feature prominently in the forthcoming synthesis report, including how climate change is using severe disruptions already, climate impacts at different temperature thresholds, pathways to rapidly curb emissions and limit temperature rise to 1.5°C, resilience strategies and how to support communities when climate changes go beyond their ability to adapt. WRI experts will then discuss how this report should inform the GST and shape decisions by policymakers in the coming months, including the COP28 summit held in United Arab Emirates this November.

Following brief presentations, we will provide ample time for questions from the media.

Speakers include:

  • Piers Forster, Professor at Leeds University, member of the UK Committee on Climate Change and IPCC author
  • Jofre Carnicer, Professor at University of Barcelona and IPCC author
  • Taryn Fransen, Senior Fellow at WRI and UNEP Gap report author
  • David Waskow, International Climate Director at WRI
  • Rhys Gerholdt, Communications Director for the Climate Program at WRI (moderator)

Press call with IPCC scientists and WRI experts previewing insights from the IPCC’s synthesis report on climate science, which will be published on March 20.

March 16 at 11:00am EDT / 16:00 CET

Please contact Casey Skeens (casey.skeens@wri.org) with any questions.