WASHINGTON (May 17, 2024) — Join World Resources Institute (WRI) on Thursday, May 23 at 9:30am EDT / 3:30pm CEST, for a press briefing featuring a panel of experts who will reflect on what to expect from the upcoming climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany on June 3-13 and how they relate to broader efforts to address the climate crisis.  

The Bonn session is an important gathering to work toward landing zones for key issues at COP29, most notably establishing a new global climate finance goal for the first time in fifteen years. Bonn will also be a prime opportunity for countries to set expectations for the next round of national climate commitments due to be submitted in spring 2025 and build on the outcomes from last year’s COP28 summit in Dubai.  

Press call speakers will zero in on hot topics like climate finance, NDCs, long-term climate strategies and Loss and Damage.


Press call with WRI experts on what to expect from the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany


Thursday, May 23, at 9:30am EDT / 3:30pm CEST


  • David Waskow, Director, International Climate Action
  • Gaia Larsen, Director, Climate Finance Access, Finance Center
  • Taryn Fransen, Director of Science, Research, and Data, Global Climate Program
  • Nate Warszawski, Research Associate, International Climate Action
  • Moderator: Rhys Gerholdt, Director of Communications & Media Strategy, Climate Program

For any questions, please reach out to Rhys Gerholdt, Communications Director, Climate Program at rhys.gerholdt@wri.org