Bahasa Indonesia

MapBuilder is an easy-to-use tool for creating customized monitoring applications. MapBuilder combines trusted spatial data curated by WRI with your own data to allow for custom, local analysis. The first version of MapBuilder has been used by dozens of countries and organizations to build platforms for forest and land use monitoring.

In this webinar we introduce a new version of MapBuilder with an enhanced pool of datasets on different topics, including a new user interface. This webinar recording is suitable for people with varying GIS and programming experience and simultaneous interpretation of the webinar is available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Watch the webinar in your preferred language to learn how to create a MapBuilder application with a free public ArcGIS Online account using our new easy-to-fill form feature. We demonstrate how it works and how you can go from starting to build your map to using it for an analysis in just a few minutes. MapBuilder is suitable for all technical levels and we encourage you to ask questions by emailing us at mapbuilder@wri.org.