MapBuilder is an easy-to-use tool for creating customized monitoring applications that combine the spatial data and analyses on Global Forest Watch with your own data. MapBuilder has been used by more than a dozen countries and organizations to build platforms for forest and land use monitoring.

To use MapBuilder, you need an ArcGIS Online account, offered as a free public account or a paid organizational account. This webinar will demonstrate how to create a MapBuilder application with a paid organizational ArcGIS Online account and is suitable for all technical levels.

The paid organizational ArcGIS Online account can be used with MapBuilder to create and manage maps, apps and documents for users that work within a group, team or organization. In addition to the free public account features, organizational account users have access to more advanced web-mapping features, as well as private data and map sharing capabilities.

Learn more about the free public account by watching the “MapBuilder: A Customizable Tool for Land Use Monitoring” webinar.


  • Kai Kresek, GIS Product Manager, WRI

  • Gabrielle Nussbaum, Country Implementation Manager, Global Forest Watch, WRI

  • Alice Gottesman, Engagement Specialist, Global Forest Watch, WRI (moderator)