24/7 Carbon-Free Energy (CFE), which entails matching energy load with CFE around the clock, can drive grid decarbonization, but it requires access to granular data. Accurate data underpins the necessary baselining, goal setting, measurement, and tracking for making progress on 24/7 CFE. Buyers moving toward 24/7 CFE need an understanding of their electricity load on an hourly basis and the carbon intensity of their grid’s electricity mix, as well as that of their electricity purchases. These data can be hard to come by, but data transparency and standardization efforts are advancing, buyers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their data approaches, and numerous 24/7 CFE data solutions providers have emerged.

This webinar, the fourth in a series of WRI-hosted webinars on 24/7 CFE, will spotlight key data challenges surrounding 24/7 CFE, as well as approaches and solutions to these challenges. It will feature panelists from Iron Mountain, a global storage and information management services company committed to 24/7 CFE; FlexiDAO, a software and solutions provider that helps energy buyers reach their 24/7 CFE goals; and Electricity Maps, a platform for understanding the carbon impact of electricity consumption in real-time. Presentations from the speakers will be followed by a Q&A session with audience participation.

For more information and to view recordings of WRI’s first three webinars in this series on 24/7 CFE, click here.


  • Chris Pennington – Director, Energy and Sustainability, Iron Mountain
  • Simone Accornero – Chief Executive Officer, FlexiDAO
  • Olivier Corradi – Chief Executive Officer, Electricity Maps
  • Nate Hausman – Clean Energy Markets Manager, World Resources Institute (moderator)

Cover image by Jason Blackeye/Unsplash