Focusing policy and investment on high-mileage ridehail vehicles can amplify the impact of electrification and ameliorate inequitable access to electric vehicles. World Resources Institute will host a hybrid virtual/in-person panel at the COP26 Business Pavilion on Wednesday, November 10, bringing together Uber with a panel of private- and public-sector stakeholders. The discussion will highlight opportunities for private-sector innovation and public policy to accelerate decarbonization and increase access to electrified transportation by focusing on policies to electrify ridehailing. WRI will introduce research examining opportunities and challenges on the road to 100% EV use by ridehail drivers.


  • Adam Gromis, Global Lead on Sustainability Policy, Uber
  • Dr. Shelley Francis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, EVNoire
  • Lauren Faber O’Connor, Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
  • Mariola Panzuela Malgosa, Zero Emission Vehicles Programme Manager, C40 Cities
  • Leah Lazer, Research Associate, World Resources Institute
  • Dan Lashof, Director, United States, World Resources Institute (Panel Moderator)