Climate Watch is a free online platform designed to empower policymakers, advocates, researchers, media and other stakeholders with the open climate data, visualizations and resources they need to gather insights on national and global progress on climate change. It includes a number of tools that will be particularly helpful to stakeholders attending or closely following the COP26 climate negotiations in Glasgow. For instance, the tools on Climate Watch:

  • Provide overviews and comparisons of national climate commitments (NDC) under the Paris Agreement (see the NDC Enhancement Tracker)
  • Provide overviews and comparisons of countries’ long-term climate strategies (See Explore LTS)
  • Track countries that have net-zero emissions targets (See Net-Zero Tracker)
  • Showcase historical emissions data for all countries (See Historical GHG Emissions)

Join us on October 20 for an interactive training to learn how to use Climate Watch to gain insights on countries’ climate commitments, generate custom visuals and access raw data for further analysis. The training will be offered at two different times slots to accommodate attendees from all geographies. The webinar will also feature a brief presentation on a new tool developed by World Resources Institute that allows users to compare the differences across UN Climate Change reporting requirements.

During and following the training, attendees are encouraged to ask questions and request demonstrations for how to answer questions and access useful data.


  • Leandro Vigna, Data Partnerships and Outreach Manager, Climate Watch, World Resources Institute
  • Mengpin Ge, Associate, Climate Program, World Resources Institute
  • Nathan Cogswell, Research Associate, International Climate Action, World Resources Institute