This set contains data from a detailed review of the 2010-2012 fast-start finance (FSF) contributions of five countries reporting the largest FSF contributions (Germany, Japan, Norway, the UK, and the USA) and from a supplemental review of the remaining FSF contributions from 31 additional countries and the European Commission.

The database is structured around a framework developed by an expert working group under the Open Climate Network and reviewed by a range of government officials, NGO representatives, and other experts. We applied the framework on the basis of official FSF reports to the UNFCCC as well as supplemental information, including project lists provided by contributing countries, government agency web sites, and the OECD DAC CRS database, as described in the table below. For countries other than the top five contributors, we relied exclusively on FSF reports to the UNFCCC.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The report and data set have been revised to correct a currency conversion error that appeared in the original version, and to include data that were not available at the time the original version was published.