World Resources Institute (WRI) and Helvetas present the first cohort of the Land Accelerator xPerú, a group of 25 entrepreneurs who are restoring degraded forests, agricultural land and grasslands throughout the country. Leaning on the expertise of Asesorandes and 3erPlaneta, the program contributes to Initiative 20x20 and the Andean Forests Program.

Following the development of successful Land Accelerator programs in Africa, South Asia and Latin America, this nearly three-month bootcamp advises leaders developing sustainable and profitable businesses in Peru’s reforestation, agroforestry and regenerative agriculture sectors. The 25 companies were selected from more than 100 businesses identified by Asesorandes.

The Land Accelerator xPerú connects these entrepreneurs with a team of dedicated mentors, technical expertise, marketing and networking opportunities, and investors to scale up their work and contribute to the restoration goals set by the government of Peru under Initiative 20x20 and the Bonn Challenge.

The program ends this month with two Impact Days (June 22 and 29), where the 25 entrepreneurs will pitch to a group of investors. Register for the event here! But first, meet them.

This initiative is funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Government, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and The Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC).

Who Are The Entrepreneurs?

Regeneración Ecosistemas Perú: Iniciativa Pastoril Andina

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Mauricio Nuñez Oporto, | Cusco, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

The Andean Pastoral Livelihood Initiative is a social enterprise that seeks to improve livelihoods and landscapes by regenerating grasslands and mountain ecosystems. They provide services to families working in Southern Peru and sell alpaca products and yarn from cooperatives and producer associations.

Agropex International SAC

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Jessica Lora del Río, | Lambayeque, Perú
Type: Reforestation

Agropex International SAC is the commercial arm of the NGO CDECACC, which harnesses the power of innovation and social inclusion to reforest northern Peru with native and exotic seedlings. Currently, the company has created an intelligent nursery with sensor systems and irrigation, a machine prototype that allows large-scale production of seedlings with biodegradable containers and the development of a georeferenced monitoring system.

Asociación para la Conservación de la Cuenca Amazónica (ACCA)

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Porfirio Zegarra Farfán, | Cusco, Perú
Type: Ecological Restoration / Reforestation

ACCA reforests key areas around Cusco with native tree species, with the goal of "planting water" (or boost the natural supply of water) in the surrounding landscape to revitalize wetlands and provide water for approximately 500 families.


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Gonzalo Vidaurrazaga, | Lima, Perú
Type: Reforestation Platform

Treejer is a platform that harnesses the power of blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts to connect reforestation projects with funders, boosting transparency, traceability and efficiency.

Centro de Innovación y gestión para el desarrollo sostenible (CIGDES)

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Edgar Reátegui Salas, | San Martín, Perú
Type: Reforestation

CIGDES promotes the reforestation of abandoned pastures in the San Martín region, focusing on non-timber species, such as Brosimun and Hevea, whose latex and seeds have great commercial potential.


Logo for Milha Bambu








Hernan Zaldívar, | Pasco, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

MILHA Bambú is a company that reforests degraded areas of Peru's central jungle to develop and strengthen the region's bamboo value chain.

Trans Forestal Muñoz SRL

Logo for Trans Forestal Munoz SRL




Jorge Birino Alvarez Melo, | Huánuco, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Reforestation / Productive Restoration

Trans Forestal Muñoz SRL promotes the recovery of degraded areas in the Alto Huallaga valley in the Huánuco region by restoring forest ecosystems.

Servicios Organizados Sostenibles Kallpaeli SRL

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José Luis Salazar Rodríguez, | Junín, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Reforestation / Productive Restoration

Kallpaeli restores abandoned areas in Junín that have been degraded by intensive agriculture, working with non-timber forest products like bamboo because of their great market potential.

Cacao & Trees EIRL

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Caterina Cardenas Castillo, | Madre de Dios, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

Cacao & Trees EIRL commercializes artisan cheese and charcuterie from farms that incorporate sustainable livestock practices. The company also helps those farmers reforest degraded areas in Madre de Dios with native trees and revenue-generating species like chestnuts, cocoa and cupuaçu.

Dream D’LI

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Elizabeth Sue Li Parra, | Junín, Perú
Type: Reforestation / Productive Restoration    

Dream D’LI is restoring degraded areas in the Mazamari and Llaylla districts of the Province of Satipo with bamboo to offset the carbon footprint of local coffee and cocoa farms.

Andean Amazon Co-Creation Center

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Eduardo José Noriega, | Cusco, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration 

The Andean Amazon Co-creation Center, led by JECONSULTING, seeks to foster a circular economy for Cusco's food, fashion and beauty, and sustainable construction industries. It also promotes the conservation and restoration of Amazon forests by harnessing the ancestral knowledge of the Quechua and the Matsigenka peoples.

Dipteryx S.A.C.

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Guillermo Gorbitz Dupuy, | Ucayali, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

Dipteryx S.A.C. seeks to protect and expand agroforestry systems in El Porvenir village, Campo Verde, Ucayali, by planting rare trees native to the Amazon and designing sustainable plantations full of timber, fruit trees and other crops.

Rainforest Expeditions

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Mario Napravnik, | Madre de Dios, Perú
Type: Conservation / Ecotourism 

Rainforest Expeditions combines an ecotourism business with research and conservation projects that protect the natural areas where they operate in Madre de Dios.


Logo for Explorandes









Martin Romero, | Cusco, Perú
Type: Conservation / Ecotourism 

Explorandes develops first-class ecotourism infrastructure, starting with a hut-to-hut trekking route near Machu Picchu. They ensure the conservation of the surrounding landscape through long-term contracts with communities.


Logo for Mungi









Raúl Duarte, | Puno, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

Mungi promotes a project in Puno that aims to restore and conserve forests, water sources and biodiversity through developing sustainable value chains that help the local population adapt to the effects of climate change and COVID-19.

Corporación Alto Marañón

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César Silva Mora, | Cajamarca, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

Corporación Alto Marañón generates knowledge and systematizes the experiences of technical experts and local farmers in Cajamarca, produces and delivers fertilizers, and works directly with farmers to correctly apply fertilizers to boost yields.

Cooperativa Agraria Biodinámica Sabores del Bosque

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José Heredia Reynoso, | San Martín, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

The members of the Cooperativa Agraria Biodinámica Sabores del Bosque produce coffee and cocoa on agroforestry farms and target higher-value markets with their high-quality, certified organic and biodynamic products.

Viridis Terra Perú

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José Ríos, | Ucayali / Huánuco, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

The Demonstration and Training Center (CDC) is an innovative idea by Viridis Terra International to strengthen the capacities of agricultural landowners aiming to restore degraded forests and generate revenue in the Peruvian Amazon. Using native plants, they are turning restoration into a profitable business.

Industria Aceitera del Paraiso SA

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Dennis Pereyra Diaz, | Huánuco, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

INDAPARSA leads an initiative with small oil palm growers across 1,500 hectares on land deforested for coca production 30 years ago. Now, they are working to promote sustainable practices in oil production.


Logo for LEBUAF










Juan Agustin Rodriguez Carbajal, | San Martín, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

LEBUAF produces organic and low-carbon cocoa in a productively organized 840-hectare farm in San Martin, promoting and diversifying agricultural production by managing native forests and agroforestry systems. It also cultivates food crops in the rotation period of the agroforestry system to boost the food security and sustainable development of local people.

Agroindustrias JE SAC

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Elard Ivan Ramirez Solignac, | Ucayali, Perú|
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

Agroindustrias JE SAC produces nutrient-rich powder from the fruit of the camu camu tree, an internationally recognized superfood. By protecting and restoring this native tree they are providing economic security to small farmers living in the Amazon, mostly from the Shipibo-Conibo Indigenous group.


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Zoila Rebeca Dumet Montoya,; Libby Rios Mori, | Ucayali, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

ECOREDD designs and implements low-carbon business models for the timber industry, working to build agreements between the native communities of the Atalaya province and companies to encourage sustainable forest management and climate-smart decisions.

Centro de Desarrollo e Investigación de la Selva Alta (CEDISA CACAO)

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Max Rengifo Ruiz, | San Martín, Perú | San Martín, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration

CEDIDA CACAO promotes the transition towards economic, social and environmental sustainability in the cocoa value chain in San Martín. It seeks to reduce deforestation and facilitate the recovery of the forest landscape, promotes the adoption of agroforestry systems, increases productivity by encouraging farmers to embrace good practices and works with small products belonging to cocoa cooperatives to reduce deforestation.

Centro de Desarrollo e Investigación de la Selva Alta (CEDISA CAFÉ)

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Max Rengifo Ruiz, | San Martín, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation / Productive Restoration 

CEDISA CAFÉ promotes the transition toward economic, social and environmental sustainability in the coffee value chain in San Martín. It aims to stop farmers from cutting down forest to expand coffee production and facilitates the recovery of the landscape. It works with small producers organized in producer associations and cooperatives to improve current production systems, promote the adoption of agroforestry systems, increase productivity and reduce coffee's impact on natural ecosystems.

Forestbambu Esencia del Bosque

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Noelia Trillo Mendoza, | Satipo, Junín, Perú
Type: Rehabilitation | Reforestation

Forestbambu is a pioneering and innovative company dedicated to boosting Peru's bamboo industry. In its experimental field, it houses the most diversified production center of tropical bamboo in the country. It is a specialist in producing bamboo at an industrial scale and establishing and managing commercial plantations.

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