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Greening Governance Seminar Series

WRI’s Greening Governance Seminar Series explores how good governance – inclusive, transparent decision-making processes, equal access to justice, strong institutions and a vibrant civil society – not only help policymakers advance more effective, equitable policies, but also implement ambitious commitments like the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.

Communities everywhere grapple with environmental injustices that leave them without a say in the decisions that impact their lives and the natural resources on which they depend. Indigenous Peoples are losing forests that have sustained their way of life for generations. City residents don’t know if their water is safe to drink or if their air is too toxic to breathe. And farmers are struggling to protect their crops from an onslaught of climate impacts – droughts, floods, fires and rising seas – that they had little hand in creating.

Policymakers everywhere, from government representatives to community leaders, are trying to tackle these challenges, but many lack the knowledge, capacity or funds to advance just, sustainable solutions – solutions that are increasingly urgent in a warming world.

Greening Governance seminars bring diverse panels of experts together to grapple with tough questions and identify successful strategies at the intersection of governance, environmental sustainability and human well-being. Topics range widely, with past events focusing on adaptation to climate changeaffordable, reliable access to clean energyenvironmental rightsair qualityplastics pollutionsocial equity and more.

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Join WRI for the latest Greening Governance webinar exploring air pollution challenges and strategies for creating a multipollutant approach to airshed governance. Speakers from India, Mexico, the UK, and the US will discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has revealed overlooked air pollution challenges and how to ensure the recovery doesn’t reinforce existing health inequalities in the future.


Join leading restoration and climate resilience experts to learn more about how entrepreneurs in Africa are leading the restoration movement, creating jobs, and making their communities more resilient to climate change. Experts will examine the state of entrepreneurship in land restoration: what are entrepreneurs doing to accelerate their growth, how do these land-centric businesses adapt to climate change, and how can multi-stakeholder platforms like AFR100 support the visionaries of tomorrow.

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