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The world is on an unsustainable path. We simply cannot afford to keep doing things the way we've always done them. WRI develops solutions to sustain the world's natural resources—the foundation of economic opportunity and human well-being. Today, our CEO and President, Andrew Steer, is asking for your help.

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Why Give to WRI?

“I support (WRI) because I believe that global climate change is the single largest threat to our children’s future, and that research into effective mitigation and technological improvements is the most realistic way to address this threat.” – Elizabeth G.
“WRI’s international focus and innovative projects inspire hope for real and effective environmental change that still allows nations to make progress for their citizens.” – Jessica L.

1. We turn big ideas into action.

Today’s environmental challenges are complex and global in nature. They call for ambitious action grounded in sound science and objective analysis — the kind of action that has distinguished WRI’s record of effectiveness for more than 30 years. Read about our 2019 top outcomes.

2. We work globally.

WRI works to solve six great, global challenges that must be addressed this decade: water, forests, climate, energy, food, cities and transport. We have active projects in more than 60 countries, as well as institutional offices in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Africa, China, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

3. We are a top-rated non-profit organization.

We value each dollar invested in WRI. Check our ratings from each of the organizations listed above.

In 2014, a Transparify report awarded WRI the highest rating - five stars - for financial transparency. In this blog post, our CFO explained why WRI values transparency—in our financials as well as our work. We value each dollar invested in WRI and hold ourselves accountable for delivering results.

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