This working paper provides a synthesis of country experiences with data management systems for national GHG inventories, based on survey responses from both Annex I and non-Annex I Parties.

Executive Summary

Data management systems are critical for developing and regularly updating national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories that, in turn, are foundational to national and international GHG mitigation efforts. However, limited information exists regarding national GHG inventory data management systems. This working paper summarizes survey responses from ten Parties—six Annex I (developed) Parties and four non-Annex I (developing) Parties—regarding data management systems for national GHG inventories. It presents information on some common features of existing Annex I Party data management systems and provides details about the various capacities and resources required to support them. It also identifies relevant capacity challenges faced by non-Annex I Parties as they seek to establish a robust national GHG inventory data management system.

Based on the survey responses from Annex I Parties, this working paper also provides some insights regarding the design, building, and management of an effective data management system. These insights include the need to:

  • Understand specific reporting objectives before building the data management system

  • Support data management systems with clear institutional arrangements

  • Provide sufficient funding for system development and maintenance, consistent with goals and objectives

  • As appropriate, link to or build on existing technical systems

  • Adopt a flexible approach to system design and development

This working paper aims to assist GHG practitioners seeking to implement or further develop their own GHG data management solutions, as well as to inform potential donors and capacity-building organizations seeking to support non-Annex I Party national GHG inventory systems and enhance domestic systems for GHG measurement and reporting.