Electric bus on road with cars

Accelerating Electric Bus Adoption in Colombia

Experts & Staff

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Program Experts & Staff

Acoyani Adame

Program Analyst, Active Mobility

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Cristina Albuquerque

Director, Global Electric Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Cristina Albuquerque

Daniel Cano Gomez

Project Leader, Road Safety

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Sarah Cassius

Research Analyst II, Integrated Transport & E-Mobility

Sarah Cassius

Silvia Duque

Research Analyst, Colombia, WRI Mexico

Lidia Henderson

Associate, School District Technical Assistance

Lidia Henderson

Angélica Mazorra

Technical Manager

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Rafael Muñoz

Transport Specialist, WRI Colombia

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Fernando Paéz

Deputy Director, Colombia 
Urban Mobility Director, WRI México and Colombia 

Guillermo Petzhold

Urban Mobility Coordinator, WRI Brasil Ross Center For Sustainable Cities

Guillermo Petzhold

Inder Rivera

Manager of Clean Energy, WRI Mexico

Eduardo Siqueira

Urban Mobility Analyst, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities