Valentina is a Mobility and Road Safety Analyst at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, based in Bogotá. She offers technical support on data collection and analysis on road safety and urban mobility projects.

Prior to joining WRI, Valentina worked on topics related to freight transport, vehicular road safety, and accessibility to public transportation through data processing and analysis. Her previous work was with Despacio, EcoLogistics and Safer Cars for Colombia, where she researched how to increase the efficiency of urban freight transport and reduce GHG emissions in six cities in Latin America, and in an advocacy project in order to propose a new vehicle safety standard regulation to be adopted in Colombia.

Valentina is a Civil Engineer from the Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito and she is currently studying a master's degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Traffic and Transportation at the same university in Bogotá.

Valentina loves spending time with her family, friends, and her pet Annie. She also likes to study and learn new things every day. She was born in Neiva but lives in Bogotá.