Nambi Appadurai is the Director of the Climate Resilience Practice at World Resources Institute, India where he oversees a portfolio of projects that help build climate resilience at different levels. He has been with WRI since 2014. He is currently leading the design and implementation of research and policy work supporting (i) mainstreaming adaptation into development policies and processes, and (ii) promotion of transformative adaptation through experiential learnings at various levels. His work focuses on climate proofing of development plans, creating access to climate finance and scaling up both investments and good practices in climate resilient initiatives at local, subnational and national levels. He has been actively engaged with select streams of work under Global Commission on Adaptation.

Nambi comes to WRI with two decades of extensive experience in research, project management and implementation of community-based adaptation projects across Asia and Africa. His international experience includes stints with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNEP, CGIAR, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment program and M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, primarily working on climate, biodiversity conservation, natural resources management and governance issues. In the past, he served as a member of the Indian delegation to UNFCCC, Conference of Parties meetings and several expert committees setup by Government of India. He has published widely on topics related to environment, climate change and development on various peer reviewed journals.

Nambi pursued his doctoral degree from Maxwell School, Syracuse University in Interdisciplinary Social Science and holds two post-graduate degrees—one in Development Studies from Cambridge University and another in Public Management and a B.S in Physics from the University of Madras. Nambi’s passions include cricket, Indian classical music, and travel.