Carolina is WRI’s Colombia Climate Action Manager. She’s in charge of coordinating and implementing the Climate Program agenda in WRI Colombia. Her work focuses on topics such as GHG mitigation, climate change adaptation, engaging with the national government and programs related to accomplish Colombia's NDC and LTS.

Her professional experience includes more than 13 years working on climate change issues, especially related with adaptation and risk management. She has worked from the scientific research on climate change and biodiversity alongside with Institutes as the Smithsonian in Panama (STRI) and the Alexander von Humboldt in Colombia. Likewise, she worked with non-governmental organizations like The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International in research and implementation projects on climate change action related on Nature-based Solutions. Also, in the Botanical Garden of Bogota, she coordinated research related with climate change adaptation in urban environments. She has participated in the formulation of several public policies in Colombia related with biodiversity and climate change such as the PNGIBSE, the National Restoration Plan, National Adaptation Plan, designing the REDD+ Strategy, and in the last years she contributed to the formulation and early implementation of Colombia’s Long Term Climate Strategy – E2050.

Carolina holds a bachelor’s degree in Ecology from the Javeriana University in Bogota and a master’s degree in Forest and Biodiversity Conservation and Management, graduated with honorable mention from CATIE. She has received several awards such as: (i) Faculty of 1000 Selection for Outstanding Article (for W. F. Laurance, DC. Useche, et al. 2013. Predicting publication success for biologists. BioScience 63:817-823), (ii) Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) scholarship OTS Graduate Course 2009, (iii) Distinguished Foreign Scholar Travel Award. International Association for Landscape Ecology-U.S. Regional Chapter. 2007, among others. She has published several scientific articles and book chapters about climate change, biodiversity, cities and related topics.