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What do the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries need from the 2023 UN climate summit (COP28)? The previous summit — COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh — ended with a historic deal to establish a Loss and Damage Fund, one of the key issues to watch last year. But what is on the agenda for COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

For answers, Nicholas Walton spoke to two members of the ACT2025 grouping, a coalition that amplifies the voices of vulnerable countries in climate negotiations. He also asked if they have any grounds for being optimistic that ambitious climate action is possible.

For more on the ACT2025 Consortium and the specific actions needed at COP28, download their COP28 Call to Action.

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“I think there are many conditions to make this COP a success. But there are many that make it very, very challenging. I think what’s most important is that developing country needs are reflected in the decisions. We need to have ambitious decisions, and we need to pair that with ambitious decisions on finance as well.”

— Maria Laura Rojas Vallejo, Transforma

Mark Bynoe

“The shift from fossil fuels is a process, and it’s what we’re driving at. We’ll be looking to see what the big, developed countries will be moving towards. Are we going to see more new oil and gas wells being opened up? These are all indications that they may be saying one thing but doing something else.”

— Mark Bynoe, Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre


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